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North Staffordshire Road Runners Association was set up in July 1974 to promote road running in the North Staffordshire region. Members are organised into groups based on ability. There are seven mens and four ladies groups. There are also leagues for different age groups 40 to 44, 45 to 50 etc.

Each year 20 races are chosen to go into the NSRRA programme and the best 12 performances in these races count towards the league competition. In each of the events the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc in each group receives 50, 49, 48, 47 etc points.

Meerbrook 15kAV Timings
St. Thomas Virtual 10kAV Timings
Leek halfAV Timings
Clayton 10kAV Timings
IpstonesEntries not yet open

If you enter on line –


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NSRRA update

We are restarting the NSRRA season with the St Thomas Virtual 10k on June 14th. Why a virtual race? Well it is looking unlikely we will be able to hold any events this year so this is a way of helping clubs, giving runners something to aim for and obviously some NSRRA points.

At present we have 7 races signed up with decisions on others in the pipeline. If this is a success we will make sure we have 12 races in our programme with your best 8 to count.

So what do you have to do? You enter the race as normal using the links on our website. On the day you run a 10k from home, within 48 hours submit evidence of your run to Andy Vickerman at avtimingstaffs@ a normal set of results will be produced and Paul Clinton will produce the normal league tables. Please do not travel to Tean to run the course and in the spirit of fairness please do not choose a course that is predominately downhill. The run must be a continuous run/jog/walk.

A bespoke medal will be sent to all finishers. Added to this if you take a photo of yourself at the finish of your run and send to  Bryan will produce his normal set of race photos.

Should we be able to start normal racing then we would revert to normal participation of events

You don’t have to be part of NSRRA to take part but you would be welcome to join us.

The races opposite are part of the virtual series.

Bespoke Souvenir Medal

Bespoke Souvenir Number

Featured Group

Our guest group as drawn by John Guest of Trentham is D group and the winner is Steve Atherton.

Photograph courtesy of Bryan Dale

NSRRA Revised Race Calendar (March 2020)

Click HERE for the details.

Presentation Night 2020

HERE is a the list of award winners from the night and HERE is the link to the photographs of the award winners. Thank you Bryan Dale for the photographs.

The 2020 season

Click HERE for the 2020 season for both new members and renewals.

NSRRA are strongly advising that runners do not wear headphones. 

This can be dangerous as you cannot hear marshalls instructions.  With most courses not closed to traffic you need to hear what is going on around you.

You also risk disqualification as some races operate this policy.