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Race 2 – virtual Potters 10

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North Staffordshire Road Runners Association was set up in July 1974 to promote road running in the North Staffordshire region. Members are organised into groups based on ability. There are seven mens and five ladies groups. There are also leagues for different age groups 40 to 44, 45 to 50 etc.

Each year 20 races are chosen to go into the NSRRA programme and the best 12 performances in these races count towards the league competition. In each of the events the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc in each group receives 50, 49, 48, 47 etc points.

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Race 3
virtual Knighton 10k & 5k
March 12th-16thAV Timings
Race 4
virtual Air Products 10k
April 1st-6thAV Timings
Race 5
virtual Uttoxeter half
April 29th-May 4thAV Timings
Race 6
virtual Clayton 10k
May 11th-15thAV Timings

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virtual Knighton 10k – March 12th-16th

Event Number 3 in the 2021 NSRRA programme – VeloRunner Knighton 10k and 5k.

The 10k option in a continuous run is needed for NSRRA points but you are more than welcome to run the 5k option if you are not a member of NSRRA.

We are happy for you to run a flat course but in the interest of sportsmanship please
don’t run a predominantly downhill course.

To be run between Friday March 12th and Tuesday 16th March.

You will receive an email with a personal link inviting you to submit time and

All entrants will receive a Technical T-shirt.

Please send your race selfies to Bryan Dale at Racephotos.
Aim to send file size 3-4MB (best quality).
Photos to be sent to

Please follow any Government guidelines that may be in place.

Race Number
Knighton – technical t-shirt

virtual South Cheshire 10k – April 1st-6th

The Air Products 10km is going virtual for 2021, and also includes a 5km.

Once again, the race is part of the NSRRA series (10k race).

Run the 10k or 5k in one attempt anywhere you like, between 1st-6th April 2021. There
is no elevation requirements, so feel free to run a flat and fast course, but in the interest
of fairness, do not run an overall downhill course.

Upon completion, simply add your time using the personalised portal.

All finishers will receive a results email with certificate, plus there is an optional
memento which is a wooden key ring for £5.00 (Add during registration).

Please send your race selfies to Bryan Dale at Racephotos.
Aim to send file size 3-4MB (best quality).
Photos to be sent to

Please follow any Government guidelines that may be in place.

If you enter on line –


Example: Click on – Sportsoft

Race 2: Potters 10 – Race Summary

We had some difficult running conditions over the weekend with strong winds and rain most days. Great runs from Jim Hickinbottom from Shrewsbury AC and Kelly Butler from Birchfield Harriers making it 2 wins out of 2 with Kelly taking seventh position overall. Some great pictures were posted over the weekend but my favourite was South Cheshire Harriers Micheline Tremblay. Check it out at

The 2021 Season!

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The 2021 Season – Groups

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Blast From The Past with Bryan Dale

The next race on the calendar is Knighton, below is a collage from the Knighton 20 back in 2016.
Click HERE for the race photos.

Click HERE to see race photos from the virtual Alsager 5.

A running blog from a newbie about the 2020 season

My first year in the NSRRA by Simon Clarke, click HERE to read it.

NSRRA Newsletter November 2020

Click HERE.

NSRRA 2021 Race Calendar

We are starting the 2021 season Virtual but we hopeful to change to real races early in the programme. Click HERE for the details.

virtual Alsager 5 – Race summary

A strange start to our 2021 season as we are having to start with Virtual events the first being the VeloRunner Alsager 5 mile.

Amazingly we had 687 entries with 320 NSRRA finishers. This is fantastic as in the real event last year we had 189 NSRRA finishers.

Our winners were Jim Hickinbottom from Shrewsbury AC and for the ladies Kelly Butler from Birchfield Harriers. Well done to all finishers and thank you so much for your support.

Kelly Butler – Birchfield Harriers

Jim Hickinbottom – Shrewsbury AC

Presentation Night 2020

HERE is a the list of award winners from the night and HERE is the link to the photographs of the award winners. Thank you Bryan Dale for the photographs.

NSRRA are strongly advising that runners do not wear headphones. 

This can be dangerous as you cannot hear marshalls instructions.  With most courses not closed to traffic you need to hear what is going on around you.

You also risk disqualification as some races operate this policy.