Group AGroup BGroup LGroup M
593 Mark Neeld
590 Mike Hatton
571 Neil Jones
596 Ian Salt
589 James Simpson
585 Simon Danks
595 Michelle Buckle
580 Jo Donnelly
560 Mel Young
590 Tracey Gee
587 Gill Russon
573 Rachel Yates
Group CGroup DGroup WGroup X
586 Pete Nicholson
583 Gary Jones
577 Dave Wilson
600 Craig Taylor
582 Rob Simpson
579 Anthony Hadfield
597 Liz Stanyer
588 Belinda Riley
577 Ann Williams
594 Bobbie Hickman
576 Julie Rogers
562 Liz Stevenson
Group EGroup F  
600 Alan Burt
590 Neil Ridgway
569 Anthony Hayhoe
595 Ken Pearson
589 Darren Taylor
576 Steve Babb
Group G Ladies Team ChampionshipMens Team Championship
600 Bill Whitworth
587 Tony Baker
587 Malcolm Rushton
 Stafford HarriersSouth Cheshire Harriers
Runners Completing All 20 Races
Colin Pheasant, Neil Jones, Craig Taylor, Martin Stirna, Ken Bloor, Gary Jones, Bill Stevenson, Hazel Barlow, Grahame Cope, Chris Owen, Nigel Symms, Darren Taylor
Derek Evans Memorial Trophy (best runner in all 20 races)
Craig Taylor
Stuart Dunston Trophy (best performance at Clayton 10k in Group C and Group W)
Pete Nicholson
Liz Stanyer
Vernon Olivant Memorial Trophy (1st C & 1st M at Stafford 20)
David Owen
Clare King
The David Barlow Memorial Trophy (1st B & 1st L at Potters Half)
Terry Barker
Sarah Johnson